Introduction: Love Songs of Dysfunction

I love, love, love song guessing games, and as a follow-up to my Carols of Dysfunction, I decided to make a love song guessing game for Valentine's Day.

I decided to go with rectangular cards because some of the titles are quite long and I wanted to include an artist (maybe not THE artist depending on your flavor) on the card. Plus the rectangular shape helps conserve paper which is important with 177 cards! Phew!

I imagine this would be great for Valentine's Day parties, bachelorette parties, or really any party where people really know a love song or two!  And it would make for a lovely hostess gift.

And forgive the video!!  I never do them but wanted to try something different.

Step 1: Pages and Paint

Print the pertinent pages on card stock.

If you aren't going to use the die, avoid printing page 2 of the PDF, and I'd recommend skipping page 15 unless you need the extra blank cards.

Clear coat printed pages with spray paint.

Step 2: Card Backing

Cut contact paper slightly larger than each page and apply to the back of each sheet of song cards.

Step 3: Cutting

Cut out the cards and instruction sheet.

If you're using the die, cut and assemble with glue just as step 5 for Carols of Dysfunction.  I'm using (cheap party store) kazoos because I thought they'd make a nice party gift.

Step 4: Final Thoughts

How you store the game is really up to you, but a glass jar worked well for me along with using rubber bands cut from a bicycle inner tube to keep the cards bundled.

It's not actually necessary to do anything but print the pages on paper and cut them out - the steps are more to create a game with some durability if you like song guessing games as much as I do.

The instructions are optional in my opinion because it's all about having fun, so feel free to use them as a starting off point and adjust as necessary.  :)

Also, I put ages 14+ because some of the songs are pretty old and kids will likely struggle with the game, not because the game is naughty for little kids unless you start including cards like "Closer" by NIN and people don't know the title is "Closer".  

Just saying...

If you make this game, be sure to take a picture and post it with "I Made It!"

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