Luxurious Lemon Hand Scrub (and Laxative!)




Introduction: Luxurious Lemon Hand Scrub (and Laxative!)

This hand scrub makes hands softer, and even fades sun spots and minor hand discolorations! Years ago, I attended the grand opening of a very high class store. In the bathroom, they had a sample jar of a salt scrub. The store was later a victim of the economic downturn, but the memory of that luxurious hand scrub lingers. The salt gently cleans, the coconut oil moisturizes and softens, and the lemon juice is an old home remedy that will gradually fade sun spots and freckles with repeated use.

Step 1: Assemble Your Ingredients.

Supplies needed:

· Coconut oil

· Epson Salt

· Bottled lemon juice

· A pretty jar with a lid

Coconut oil and bottled lemon juice are cooking ingredients found in grocery stores. Fresh lemon juice could also be used, but the bottled lemon juice might give your hand scrub a longer shelf life. Epson salt is a natural mineral that is often used in warm foot soaks. Check your local drug store. Any pretty container with an air tight lid will work. I often use small canning jars. Choose a jar that will hold four ounces for this recipe, or adjust the recipe for a different sized jar.

Step 2: Mix Your Ingredients.

Recipe for Lemon Hand Scrub

1/8 cup Coconut Oil

¼ cup Epson Salt

1 tablespoons of Lemon Juice

Mix, and add to a jar with a tight lid. Tie a ribbon, and add a gift tag or label with instructions. A wooden craft stick makes a good scoop, or you could tie a small wooden spoon to the jar.

I have made you a FREE .pdf file download for labels that can be printed on sticker paper, or used as a hang tag on the jar.

Step 3: Use Your Hand Scrub, or Give As a Gift.

If you were not able to download the label file, here are the instructions: Wet hands with warm water. Add a generous spoonful of luxurious Lemon Hand Scrub. Rub hands together gently. Rinse with warm water. Pat hands dry with a towel.

I intended for this to just be a recipe for a hand scrub, but while making a batch for the photos, I made an interesting discovery. The Epson Salt box label claims that this product can be used as a laxative, and even recommends flavoring their product with lemon! So, if your doctor has no objections…

Instructions for using Luxurious Lemon Hand Scrub as a Laxative: Add one to two teaspoons of Luxurious Lemon Hand Scrub to eight ounces of warm water, stir, and drink. Limit use to two teaspoons per day.

So, I can’t resist the joke. You will now be softer inside and out!

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    I have hundreds of lemon and really love this recipe. It's a great idea. Is there anything I can add as a preservative? There's only so much marmalade a girl can take :)

    An offline commenter suggests that Luxurious Lemon Hand Scrub could also be used to exfoliate and moisturize legs, and to help reduce the frequency of shaving.


    Thank you very much for sharing this recipe. For someone such as myself who constantly has her hands in the earth breaking it down BY HAND this is the wonderful for the relief of extremely dry dirty hands with a lovely scent to boot. One happy farmer here. Thanks to Cheapdiyproject indeed.

    I kind of figured that coconut was involved when you mentioned laxative. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing. :D