Introduction: MAR-3 Preview

About: I make K'nex guns, specializing in semi-automatic, RBG-Slingshot hybrid systems which i use in most of my guns. Note: I am not responsible in any way for any damage, injury, or death caused by my Instructable…

I have made a third model to the MAR which started the my largest series of K'nex guns/rifles.  I will start working on the I'ble but it probably will be finished in a couple weeks.

It features to my guns:
-New innovative adjustable sight (probably first of its kind)
-Side ammo storage
-Extra rubberband storage
-Flip safety (also probably the first of its kind)

Image 1: Stock, old sight
Image 2: Stock, new sight
Image 3: No stock, old sight
Image 4: No stock, new sight
Image 5: Stock, new sight, some optional gear
Image 6: Look down new sight