Introduction: MINI Night Lamp

this project is inspired by Mohit Boite. Electronics is a very big ocean and to explore it today I made a small lamp mini night lamp which is controlled by Arduino microcontroller.

The concept is simple, all you need is an LDR ( light dependent resistor), few LEDs, and a few resistors.

oh! and also our brain the Arduino board.

here I'm using the Arduino pro mini.


1. Arduino pro mini

2. brass wire

3. LDR( light dependent resistor)

4. 2 blue LED

5. 2 18 ohms resistors

6. 1 100k resistor

7. brass wire

8. copper wire

Step 1: Working

take an Arduino pro mini and connect the same as shown above.

here I have uploaded the code for the given project.

Step 2: Coding

in this code, the basic logic is when you place the lamp in a dark place it will glow and when light falls on it then it falls dim

Step 3: Making : the Frame

1. Take the brass wire and cut 8 1inch pieces for the upper and lower faces.

2. solder the wires into a square shape.

3. then take the Arduino board and measure its dimensions, here we have 0.7*1.2 inches.

4. now cut out 4*1.2 inch wire.

5. solder the wire into a block shape.

the mainframe is ready.

Step 4: Freeform Connections

the steps are simple, consider the mainframe as ground and rest as VCC but analog pin must directly be connected to LDR.

1. complete the LED connections, for safety add 18ohms resistor.

here I gave my digital connections at pin 11, but if you want you can use pin 6 also since I have added that to the code.

2. connect 100 k resistor from any VCC present to pin A0 and then from A0 connect LDR to ground.

Step 5: Power Supply Connections

give two connections, one from mainframe and another one from the VCC present near the lower face.

to attach the PCB to the frame, connect one ground pin present at the right side of the PCB to the mainframe with copper wire.

Step 6: Making: the Base

1. Take a 5mm acrylic sheet and a USB cable to make the base.

2. cut a square out of the acrylic sheet with length 1.4 inches.

3. drill two holes with a 1.5mm radius drill bit for outlets of VCC and ground.

4. connect the wire to the outlets and stick it to the sheet.

your base is ready

Step 7: Making : the Outer Frame (optional)

take a translucent acrylic sheet and cut out 1*1 inch squares and stick them with perpendicular connecting burp pins.

Step 8: Making : LED Refractor (optional)

again if you don't like the outer frame then you also have the option to make a small refractor.

just cut an acrylic atrip which u think will approximately cover the led from both the sides, then bend it by heating it with hot air. you are almost done just cover the strip from both sides with smaller chips.


our final product is ready.

Step 10: Testing

Step 11: Final Video

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