George Lucas became famous for creating the Star Wars sci-fi franchise. Millions of viewers worldwide have been captivated by the adventures of three rebels, two bumbling droids, and an endearing Wookie “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.”

We all know the famous film series Star Wars and also love the amazing ships created by COLIN CANTWELL,

All-Terrain Walkers are armored fighting vehicles from the Star Wars universe that traverse the landscape on mechanical legs. They are used by the Old Republic, the Galactic Empire, and the First Order for a ground assault, reconnaissance, or transport. Throughout the saga, walkers have played a pivotal role in the fate of characters and the outcome of battles. Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) is responsible for their animation and design, often using models, stop-motion animation, and relevant matte paintings to depict their presence in the films.

Taking this idea into consideration I decided to make a custom-designed walker from scratch.



1. an old cube

2. broken toys (basically sci-fy action figers)

3. plastic pen

4. acrylic sheet - 2mm, 5mm

5. brass wire 1.5mm

Step 1: Making : Mainframe

take the toy of your choice and dismantle it. take all the parts which you feel, will go good with the mainframe (cube). here I took a transforming toy and a bit of cube and made the mainframe.

Step 2: Making : Fule Tanks

take a plastic pen case and cut it into two equal parts of 2.5cm each.

stick it behind the mainframe as shown in the images above.

Step 3: Making : Legs

take an acrylic sheet of 5mm and cut out two leg supports of any shape you like.

cut the brass rod of 1.5mm thickness into two parts of length 3cm each.

stick the rods as shown in the image above.

Step 4: Fixing Them Together

while sticking the legs, see that both are in a position that you like.

it's almost done

Step 5: Making : Support

take a 2mm acrylic sheet and make support toes.

Step 6: Detailing

here I did the detailing with small plastic bits found with electronic components.

Step 7: Paint Job

spray paint/airbrush paint it with gray.


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