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I made this egg shaped ring for that special someone, that you want to share breakfast with :-)

Materials: komatex (closed-cell PVC foamboard), epoxy, colorings, syringes

Tools: drill press, spade bit, belt sander, japanese saw.

Step 1: Body (white)

I made the body of the ring from komatex, closed-cell PVC foamboard. We use it a lot in my job. It machines very nicely but doesn´t split as the wood does, especially thin wood.

I first approached my favourite tool, the drill press and used 20mm(3/4") spade bit to bore a hole for my finger. Then I removed most of the remaining stock using japanese saw. After this step I used belt sander with P40 paper and shaped the body of the ring. After I made the body nice and curvy I used smoother sandpaper to give it better finnish. For sanding the hole I rolled the sandpaper. As it tried to straighten, it filled the hole perfectly.

Finally I used 17mm(11/16") drill bit for metal to drill a hole on the top.

Step 2: Stone (yolk)

I started by mixing my epoxy in a party cup. Then I used red and green food coloring to mix a yellow. As you can see in the video, this was almost impossible. After half of hour the best thing I had was orange. I said screw it, and poured it in a mold, thinking I would paint it later or something. Luckily for me, I mixed my epoxy using wrong ratio. Instead of 10:2 I used 10:3 and the epoxy boiled over. The boiling and bubbling lightened the color to nice egg yellow shade. Sometimes your mistakes can make your project better :-)

Anyway, after the epoxy was cured I used my belt sander again to shape the "stone" to rounded shape.

Then I glued the yolk in the hole drilled previously.

Step 3: The Ring

The komatex leaves really nice, matte finnish with little to no effort and it feels really good on my finger

This was short and funny project to make, I was inspired to make the eggagement ring by post from Tumblr. You can easily make it too, even if you don´t have the materials I used. I would actually be very interested in how would the ring look using different materials, so let me know if you make it!

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