Introduction: MMG33 Marshmallow Gun With Clip Idea.

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This is a marshmallow gun that is pretty common but I have an idea for the clip so lets start with that.

Step 1: Clip

Materials: 1end cap 1 9"long 1/2 in PVC 1"+1" pice of tin foil 2 in piece of string Tape Optional- duct tape Take the 9 in pipe and put the string over the top and tape on 1 side put the tin foil over the end and fold it over the string should stick out. Put marshmallows down the tube. Now put the end cap on the top and seal tight Using: Pull the string back and it should tear the tin foil. Now remove excess tin foil and jam into the guns clip port.

Step 2: Gun

Materials: 2 9" long pieces of PVC 5 3" long pieces of PVC 2 5" long pieces of PVC 3 T connecters 2 Elbow connecters 2 Caps

Step 3: Barrel and Clip Port

Step 4: Fore Grip

Step 5: Mouth Piece

Step 6: Handle

Step 7: Done!!!! (Almost)

Step 8: Cotton Ballz

There are 3 spots to put cotton balls in the handle where the handle's elbow connects with the T connecter and the foregrip. THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!