Introduction: MMmmm Blue M & M Chain

we love chocolate especially M & M's and the blue ones are the funniest!

Step 1: Make the Body Parts of the M & M From Polymer Clay

make the body parts of the M & M from polymer clay

Step 2: Do the Eyes and Eyebrows on the M & M Face

do the eyes and eyebrows on the M & M face,make the mouth with a toothpick

Step 3: Attach the Shoes and the Legs to the Body and Also the Arms

attach the shoes and the legs to the body and also the arms

Step 4: Then Take an Eye Pin

then take an eye pin

Step 5: And Stick It Carefully Through the M & M

and stick it carefully through the M & M ,and bake in the oven for 30 min 266 degrees Fahrenheit. let them cool completely

Step 6: Cut the Excess Part of the Eye Pin Down

cut the excess part of the eye pin down

Step 7: Put a Ring on the M & M and Attach It to the Chain

put a ring on the M & M and attach it to the chain. And your nice original M & M chain is ready!