Introduction: MONOPOLY CLOCK

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I made my first Monopoly Clock about 20 or more years ago. Last week I spotted an old Monopoly game in a thrift shop and thought it would be fun to make a new one. This box contained the old wooden tokens as players pieces.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need, (an OLD) Monopoly Game

glue, (I used Elmers and a glue stick)

clock insert (craft stores or Amazon sell them, also to buy in bulk a good source is

exacto knife

foam core

hand drill

large round template to use for the clock mount ( I used the seat of a stool)

Step 2: Begin

Begin by tracing the template on the foam core, then cut it out with the exacto knife.

Step 3: Setting Up the Face of the Clock

First fan out the money around the center of the clock face

next arrange the Properties, then the Chance and Community Chest.

Step 4: Tiny Board

Use the exacto knife to cut the tiny board design off the cover of the box (hope your has one I think they stopped printing them some time ago.)

Glue it on the center of the clock face and when dry use the hand drill to make a hole for the clock fixture.

Insert the clock according to directions.

Step 5: Adding the Numbers

Using the dice, hotels, houses and tokens add the numbers to the clock.

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