Introduction: Mabel Sock Puppet

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This puppet is not supposed to be a puppet of Mabel herself from the television show Gravity Falls (because that would be quite humiliating), but a puppet that she made of herself in the episode Sock Opera. I've decided to recreate this puppet because I have a huge passion for Gravity Falls, and it makes a great addition to my homemade Halloween prop area of my house.

So maybe if you are dressing up as Mabel this would be useful? Or maybe you just want to make a Mabel puppet!

Step 1: The Real Deal

Here are some pictures of the actual Mabel puppet from the show.

Step 2: Whatcha Gonna Need

You will need:

-the obvious SOCK (preferably white or maybe even a peach color)

-the following colors of felt: brown, pink, yellow, purple, and green

-two large googly eyes

-and sting of some sort that will blend into your puppet

Step 3: Mouth

Put your hand in the sock, and bring out your thumb as if getting ready for a handshake. Then, bring your thumb to the tips of your other fingers to create the hand puppet look that I assume everyone knows how to do. Now, take your string and tie it around the back of the mouth so the fabric stays. Cut off any excess string.

Step 4: EYES

Glue the eyes where... well... Where eyes go.

This Instructable is really self explanatory.

Step 5: Visit Sweatertown

Take a piece of pink fabric that is the length of your puppet all around.

Roll the fabric once to create the turtle-neck part.

Now glue it around your sock.

Step 6: Brown Hair

Cut the shape of Mabel's hair onto brown felt and cut it out.

Glue that to her head.

Step 7: Headband

Take a thin strip of the same pink fabric used for the sweater, and add two small yellow dots to the each end. Glue this to the top of her hairline. (Leave a little bit of brown in front)

Step 8: Sweater Swag

Copy the pictures to create the iconic shooting star on her sweater.

When you're done with that, cut two tear-drop-shaped pieces out of your pink felt.

Glue these to the side, they will be her arms.


YAY! Now create a whole cast and put on your own Sock Opera!

Should I attempt other characters from the Sock Opera?

Comment questions, what you thought, critiques (be nice), or suggestions for future 'ibles' (or comment anything relevant to Instructables, really)

Hope I could help, and see ya'll next time!


~Sky Productions