Introduction: Magic Square.

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Paper is the biggest magic in the world and here is the magic square I have made from paper.......
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1) Paper (Green and Orange)
2) Ruler
3) Paper cutter
4) Pen/Pencil
5) Glue

Step 1: Cutting.

1) Cut the A4 sheet in 4 equal parts of dimensions 5cm.
2) Cut both the sheets neatly and carefully.

Step 2: Stick Them Together.

1) Stick both colors strip on one another.
2) Repeat the process with all 4 strip.
3) Stick them together and make a long strip.

Step 3: Trapezium Cut.

1) Mark the center of the 5cm.
2) Now mark 2cm in the center.
3) Make a trapezium of base 5cm and top 3cm.
4) Now cut it.

Step 4: Fold It Properly.

Step 5: Yippee........

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