Introduction: THE PAINT BAND

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I remember when my father used to paint the chairs and doors in my house, I used to observe the paint is flowing down the chair and the walls. Then after some time i used to see that the paint has dried up and cluttered in one place which had qualities of elastic. I used to pluck these paint clutters and it would get longer and longer like a rubber.
Every time i saw this hidden characteristic of paint, i would dream to do some experiment out of it, after i saw this paint contest on instructables there was no limit of my happiness.
I am very thankful to instructables that it gave me an excuse to do this experiment 😄.
So now lets start this instructable which is close to my ❤️ heart, without any further delays.....


- Wall Paint ('white' if possible)
- Water colors of your choise
- Glue
- Plastic Bowl
- Broom sticks
- Transparent tape
- Poly bag
- Scissors
- Inch tape
- Water


• Here you will need an Inch tape, 2 broom sticks, polybag and transparent tape.

• Firstly take out the inch tape and measure the wrist you are making the band for. But, remember that you have to take measurement atleast 1 inch loose to your wrist. For instance if your wrist measures 8 inch so take measurement as 9 inch, just as shown in the image above.

• Now take the broom sticks and measure them according to the length of the wrist you measured before. (9 inch)

• Now lets start making the mold. Here you have to keep in mind that how much will be the width of your band. Pick up one of the sticks and pull out the tape of its length, now stick the tape from one side on the stick. Exactly as shown in the image.

• Do the same with the other stick with another piece of tape.

• Keeping in mind the width of your band join the 2 combined pieces of tape and sticks with each other just like the railway track as shown in the image.

• Now stick this railway track like structure on the poly bag.

• Your mold in now ready.


• Here you will need wall paint, glue, water colors of your choice, plastic bowl/container.

• First take out some wall paint in the plastic bowl and add little bit of glue in ratio of 2:1. Then, add some water to the mixture.
Mix well.

• Now bring on your favourite colors and add drops of paint into the mixture as I did in the image.

• After that take a stick and move the paint in a spiral like structure as shown above in the image (you dont have to mix the colors totally into the mixture).


• Here you will need the Band paste and the Band mold made following the previous steps, hopefully.

• Take the Band mold and put it in a place where it can get enough sunlight.

• Now take the band paste and simply start pouring it into the band mold. Spread the paste evenly on the mold.

• You can even use a stick to spread the paste evenly as I did in the image.

Step 4: LET IT DRY

Let the Band Rest at one place atleast 10 hours.......

Step 5: THE LAST STEP (Shaping the Band).

• After the band is dried, its time to detach the Band and the mold.

• Start by detaching the whole mold from the poly bag. (as i have done in the above image).

• Now remove the sticks from the band.

• Now slowly start to remove the tape from the band.

• Hooray your band is in your hand, but its not over yet.
Take scissors and shape your band correctly.

• Now the problem is that how will you wear it,
dont panic we have a solution. Take some water and dip your finger into it and make the ends of the band wet.

• Put it on your hand like a watch and press wet ends against each other and the band will stick to the ends.


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