Introduction: Magnetic Door Spice Rack

My girlfriend loves to cook, and, so it seems, collect spices from all over the world.

Having so many spices, it's a major undertaking to keep them listed, available for use, and organized.

So I came up with the idea of a magnetic spice rack.

Step 1: The Spice Girls

Looking around at Bed Bath and Beyond, etc., I really was not happy with any of the spice containers, and after some research I found THESE on Amazon:

Magnetic Spice Holders

This solved one issue—holding the spices, but then I had another issue, STORING THEM!

Step 2: Turning Dead Space Into AWESOME Space

I have a Food Lauder / closet with a cheap wood (hollow core) door.

I decided I would mount a large piece of sheet metal to the inside of the door, and keep all the spices there.

Using sheet metal and silicon (no way to drill and mount it), I cut to shape, and then glued the sheet metal to the inside door, making sure to give all the edges a heavy coat of silicon. I used duct tape to hold the metal up till it cured, and also to give the sheet metal a silicon 'lip' so there are no sharp edges.

Step 3: The Finished Project ... And

This is the finished work. As an added bonus you just take the spices you need into the kitchen, and stick them on the refrigerator while your prepping your meal, then put them back when your done!

It keeps the spices out of the light, and in a cool dry place when you're not using them!

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