Introduction: Magnetic Armband.

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Hey, I like to work on a lot of projects, and I always hate losing my screws and nails, so one day I was watching Cool Tools on DIY network, And I saw a magnetic armband on there, It was about $20 and I thought "Hmm I bet I could make one of those for free." So here it is.

(BTW, this is my first 'Ible so constructive criticism is welcome.)

Step 1: Supplies.

Alright, you'll need:

Duct tape.


Magnets. (I got these from a dry erase board)

Loose screws and nails.

Step 2: Step One.

Okay so, get a piece of tape just a little longer on the ends then your magnets lined up.

Step 3: Step Two.

Alright, put your magnets on the tape. (Mine had letters on the back, so I put the side without letters down.)

Then get another piece of tape, the same size or a little longer.

Lay that on top of the magnets make sure its flat on there no little air pockets.

Then trim the excess tape off.

Step 4: Step Three.

Now to make the straps, get a piece of tape, on one end just a little ways from the end, cut about half way down. then cut that little piece off. When your done, your tape should look shorter on the top, and longer on the bottom, do this with two pieces of tape.

Okay when thats done, fold the shorter half over onto the longer half, once it's done you should have some sticky part still uncovered. (see pic 2) Do this with both pieces of tape.

Okay then attach those to the ends of the magnet piece. (see pic 3) you may want to add a little bit of tape to the underside to keep the straps from peeling off.

Then, cut a small piece of tape and put it on only one of the straps.

Step 5: Finished!

Once you have that piece of tape on one of the straps. you can adjust it to your arm size. (So no worry if your straps are a bit long.)

Have fun with it!

*NOTE* This armband is not ment to hold tools on, if your magnets are stronger then go ahead.
But these magnets are only strong enough for most nails and screws. (Although some deck screws had a hard time staying on) If your magnets are strong enough for tools, go ahead, I just wanted to let you know before you complain to me that it won't hold tools.