Introduction: Make a Solar Bluetooth Speaker (Homebrew Big Jambox)

Here's a simple Bluetooth speaker that's made from hacking old gadgets and mashing them up together. It sounds exactly like the big Jambox but only smaller! It has a mic and command buttons too! My friend, Angelo (ASCAS), and I made this project.

We made this project to boost up my viewers and glad to say it did. I learned how to make guides the way it should be and look I got featued in my next build the 3D Printed Sumobot so i thank my friend Angelo for helping me with this project with all the pictures and materials.

The homebrew jambox is equipped with two 5w neodymium drivers, a 2.5" passive radiator, three command buttons, handsfee mic feature and a 2250mAh lithium battery "All recycled". Closed tight with out any screws or any openings we decided it's ok since this not our final design we hope to 3D print our parts and make it smaller and probably waterproof!. Just make sure when you build this everything is working as it is everything secured and functioning properly inside and out.

Step 1: Install the Passive Radiator/ Driver

When we dissasembled our old USB powered desktop speakers we were able to get four of these passive radiators. If you're lucky you might find one. The plastic enclosure was acquired from a old organizer tray.

We used superglue to seal the rubber of our plastic enclose.

Step 2: Wiring Diagram

Before we continue, here's a block diagram of the whole device. Here's a tip, take advantage of the common ground. Don't solder too much negative wires.

Step 3: Disassemble a USB Powerbank

This powerbank was actually broken perfect for our project we just opened it up reheated the pads and it came back alive. The powerbank was cheap and all but it is quite nice its been with me for almost a year. (The battery capacity is 2,000mAh anything higher is fine). Dismantle the plastic casing and desolder the female USB port.

Step 4: Hot Glue the Powerbank

Drill a hole for the charge input of the powerbank then hot glue the circuit and battery on the enclosure.

Step 5: Add a Switch

Drill another hole and superglue a slider switch.

Step 6: Install Electronics

Now install both Bluetooth module and amplifier module from cheap and old devices.

If you have those old portable amplifiers working or broken well dont throw them away there is still a chance to fix or recycle it.
These tutorials will help you figure out where to scavenge for these devices:
- DIY Supercharged Bluetooth Speaker (v2.0)
- DIY Bluetooth Speaker

Step 7: Make the Front Panel

The enclore didn't have cover so we scavenged thin piece of plastic from the packaging of a Spigen iPhone case.

Step 8: Mount the Speakers

Contact adhesives/ gorilla glue is much better than adding screws and gaskets. When they cure, their rubbery material acts as a good sealant to be airtight.

Step 9: Solder Speakers

Once the glue has cured, solder the speakers to the amplifier. Remember, speaker have polarities. If you solder them the wrong way, chances are you'll end up canceling both speakers, this means you'll hear no bass.

Step 10: Add Command Buttons

Desolder the command buttons from the Bluetooth module and use hook-up wires to extend them.

Step 11: Seal the Enclosure

Now, drop superglue around the plastic enlosure's edges then slowly face the front panel against it. Wait for an hour to let it dry.

Step 12: File the Edges

Get your metal file and file off the excess plastic.

Step 13: Time for a Paintjob!

Cover all the holes like the speaker hole, switch hole and the charging hole. Get a spray can of your desired color and customize them! Go crazy!

Step 14: Solar Powered Hack

The hack is easy! Since our solar panel gives out 5v, a regulator isn't needed. All you have to do is solder the solar panel's output, parallel to your powerbank's charge input. A diode isn't needed since the powrbank has a built in one.

Step 15: Ending Remarks

So there you have it a turning old electronics trash to treasure.

The old power bank was actually broken

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