Making Fiberglass Masks

Introduction: Making Fiberglass Masks

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Hello, this is how some friends and I made fibre glass masks, one day we decided to make some masks and have been making them since.

Things we used include:

- Clay
- Styrofoam Head
- Carving Tools,
- Plaster of Paris
- Safety Respirator
- Safety Glasses
- Fibre Glass
- Fibre Glass Resin
- Dremel
- Cutting Discs
- Paint
- Clear Coat
- Elastic Straps
- Files
- Wire Brush

Step 1: Carving

Using referrence pictures and our imaginations, we starting piling clay onto the foam heads, forming cheeks and brows.

Step 2: Plaster of Paris

One you've got your clay version how you want your mask, mix your plaster of Paris according to the instructions on the bag. Spray your clay with clear coat generously, ( this will stop the clay from sticking) and pour the plaster of Paris over your clay to make your mask mould.

Step 3: Cut Fibre Glass

Using scissors, cut your fibreglass into strips making then easier to apply

Step 4: Fibreglass

In a well ventilated area mix your resin and apply to the inside of your mould. Apply a decent layer or two of fibre glass will reapplying the resin. Do this until the desired thickness of your masked is reached.

Step 5: Pull Mask Out

After letting it dry and cure for 24 hrs pull it out of the mould. They're May be some plaster that has stuck to the mask so using files and wire brushes to clean it up.

Step 6: Cut Off Excess Fibre Glass.

Using a dremel to cut off excess fibreglass and giving the mask it's final shape.

Step 7: Prime and Paint

Once everything is cleaned up. Give it a good wipe, and give it a layer of primer. Painting the masks is up to you. However you want your mask to look is how it should look. All of these masks were painted by applying layer after layer of paint. Different colours, different areas. Lots and lots of layers. Once happy with your mask give it a couple layers of clear coat.

Step 8: Demon Mask

Step 9: Clown Mask

Step 10: Clown Mask

Step 11: Torture Victim Mask

Step 12: Ogre/Orc Mask

Step 13: Fox Mask

Step 14: Clown Mask

Step 15: Goblin Mask

Step 16: Mouse Mask

Step 17: Skull Mask

Step 18: Attach Elastics

Cutting little holes in the side of your mask will allow you to put your straps through them. Giving you a way to hold your mask on your head. Any other way that you can think of will work as well.

Step 19: Happy Mask Making!

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2 years ago

Your creativity is obvious, the masks are suitably creepy. The instructable needs to include info on working with fiberglass safely. Grinding and sanding can make for skin and eye irritation, inhaling the dust can be really bad. I'm sure I'm not mentioning anything YOU dont know, but common sense seems to be in short supply these days.

A Rising Dragon
A Rising Dragon

3 years ago

How do you cut a hole into fiberglass mask after its been made for a few years? Such as a nose or mouth holes


7 years ago on Introduction

When placing the fiberglass did you use any vacuum bags or anything to press it in?


8 years ago

Thanks! Sorry. Haven't sold them.


8 years ago

The clown mask with the blue hair is AMAZING. And do you guys sell these because if so I would buy it from you.