Introduction: Make Jewelry From Glass Bottles

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In this Instructable, I demonstrate a way to make your own jewelry from glass bottles.

What you will need:

  • Microwave kiln
  • Glass bottles
  • Jewelry blanks (rings without the stone, end hooks etc.)

You will also need a kiln paper.

You could buy a special glass that comes in all colors you could want, but there is a cheaper option.

You can melt the glass from the bottles to make your own jewelry.

It is also a great way to upcycle glass bottles.

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Step 1: Get Your Glass

In the previous Instructable, I demonstrated a way to drill a hole in a glass bottle.

I kept the glass circles so I could use them to make jewelry.

You don't have to use round glass pieces for the jewelry, you can just smash the bottle and use the pieces as they are.

I used 4 different color bottles to cut out the circles for the jewelry: Green, another shade of green, white (transparent) and blue.

Step 2: Prepare the Kiln

Put the kiln paper in the kiln. It will prevent the glass from sticking to the kiln as well as protect the kiln.

You can mix different color glass for different effects.

I put 3 different color circles in the kiln.

My kiln was damaged in some areas, that's why I did not put the glass in the center. Normally you would put it in the center.

Step 3: Fire It Up

Put the lower part in the microwave and after making sure the glass is positioned the way you want it, put on the top piece.

Turn on the microwave for a few minutes on a high power.

Time needed to fuse the glass will vary depending on your microwave, size of the kiln and the glass you use.

I need around 5 minutes to melt the glass.

You can check the kiln every few minutes or even seconds to see the progress.

When the glass has almost melted, check the kiln after every 10-15 sec.

Just lift up the top piece and have a look.

Make sure to wear gloves and goggles.

Step 4: Cooling Time

When the glass has melted, take out the kiln and leave it to cool down before opening it. (around 20 - 30 minutes)

Make sure to put it on a heat resistant surface.

In the picture you can see the glass when it's hot and when it has cooled.

Step 5: Attach the Glass to a Blank Jewelry

Now you can attach the glass to a blank jewelry.

Rings, bracelets etc.

All that jewelry was made from glass bottles.