Introduction: Make Some Renovation! Vintage Kitchen Cutter Restored to Life Again.

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What ?
Renovation of an old kitchen device - in this particular case - kitchen cutter.

Why ?

To show, that old devices have a great potential

To save great thing from waste

To use old device as ordinary helpful thing

To create beautiful, vintage,, retro decoration

For fun, as a hobby :)

In this instructable I want to show all above using old, wasted kitchen cutter, but keep in mind, that You can buy any type of small, old, rusty device and restore it. It's really not complicated thing to do.

What is needed ?

Retro device - You can search Your attic, maybe go to Your grandparents or just (as I did) search for cheap thing to rebuild on e-bay.

Screwdriver, hammer - tools needed to dismount the device

Piece of wood - to replace device's destructed parts.

Sandpaper and some polishing paste

I'm still not convinced!

So watch my video showing such restoration process step by step. If You don't have time to watch all 7 minutes - You can skip to the 6:00 and watch how new, restored kitchen cutter emerges from the grave.

Step 1: By Old Device With Potential

In fact, this is the hardest thing in the whole restoration process. First, You have to find the device which You 'like/feel'. I mean, If You find something that You don't want, or don't need - restoration might be boring for You and then, You could do it fast, bad, without fun. Remember - renovation is for You, it can give You joy, if You right device to restore.
I recommend to search in Your/your grandperents houses or on e-bay.

I found old kitchen cutter - because i always wanted to have manual bread cutter in my kitchen.

Step 2: Dismounting Old Device

First of all You have to dismount all device. Two reasons of that:
- You have to see and decide how much device is broken, which parts could be reused and which should be replaced by new one

- You have to clean all the parts from rust, dust, and from bacterias.

Step 3: Replacing Broken Parts/elements

Some time the device is to damaged to be restored. Then You can renovate it, by removing broken parts with new one. I my case, kitchen cutter has rotten bottom, so I decided to remove it. Also, the odl bottom was foldable and not very comfotable to use, so i decided to make it not foldable.

Step 4: Cleanning

Cleanning is the crucial part of restoration process.
Iron&Metal Metal parts could be cleaned in various ways. You can use wire brush, rust removal chemicals, electrolisys, polishing paste, sandpaper. It depends from Your needs and what You have at home. Be creative.

Wood Wooden parts could be cleaned with some chemicals or mainly with sandpapers. I recommend second options. It's more time consuming but gives better effects

Plastic In kitchen cuttere there were no plastic parts, although You can find some in Your device. Such parts could be cleaned with water/washing fluid, repared with glu like poxipol and then painted. You can however in most cases replace plastic parts with new one, created from wood.

Step 5: Mounting It All Together Back Again

Mounting back the device is the best part of the process. You can watch how new device is rising back from the grave ;-) Enjoy it.

Step 6: The End - Enjoy Your Old/new Device

That's all. Now You have Your device restored. It wasn't so hard, wasn't it ?
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