Introduction: Make Your Own Alien Atomizer From Fallout 3

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Normally, I won't upload multiple creations in one setting, but I think this will be a fun build to accompany the disintegrator. Next I think I will do laser weapons :D This will be comparable with the alien power modules from my disintegrator, so be sure to make more!

Step 1: Cylinder

Take a spray paint lid and dremel a hole through the center. Glue a tube of pvc equal to the length of the cap inside the hole. Trace the lid on cardboard and cut out. Finally, glue the cardboard to the lid.

Step 2: Handle

I used an old airpsoft magizine, trimmed the top, and glued it to a battery pack. But if that's too much of a hassle, just cut it out of wood. Glue the cylinder to the top of the handle as shown.

Step 3: Other Cylinder

Repeat the first step, but don't dremel the hole or add pvc. Then take the 2nd cylinder and glue it to the bottom of the handle.

Step 4: Body Peices

Cut a block of wood in half and glue each piece to the cylinders. Be sure to put them in the middle.

Step 5: Supports

Cut two supports out of cardboard and glue them on. Make sure to cut one short for the module port.

Step 6: Barrels and Carriages

Cut two pieces of pvc, one longer than the other and glue them to the wood like barrels. Then cut two pieces of cardboard, fold them equally, and glue them to the inside of each piece of wood.

Step 7: Tube

I used surgical tubing, but you can improvise, to make the tube. Thread it through the top carriage. Glue the other side to the handle.

Step 8: Details

Again, I used pennies, but washers are cooler. Glue one to each support point. Also, cut out two large circles and glue them to the bottom cylinder.

Step 9: Paint!

Paint and add glowing tape!