Introduction: Make Your Own Alien Disintegrator From Fallout 3

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Seeing as this is my first instrucible, I've decided to allow customization of user preference over the materials used to construct this build. I've acquired the materials over time and do not expect anyone to buy anything. Remember, improvisation is a great quality!

Step 1: Getting Started

Anyway, I found that the body of the alien disitegrator from fallout 3 really caught my eye and I wanted to replicate it. I found a Windex or glass cleaner bottle does just the trick. All we need now is to cut a stock.

Step 2: Attach the Stock and Make the Body

So now that we have the stock cut, we need to attach the bottle. Take off the lid from the Windex bottle (we'll use it later) and tape it on as shown.

Step 3: Start the Barrel

So I used a Clorox wipe lid to secure the barrel in place. Simply glue it on the front of the bottle. Then use a dremel to clear a hole for the barrel.

Step 4: Add the Base of the Barrel

Next up, we will need 6 CDs. Find a tube (I used a nerf barrel from the Deploy) and put the CDs on it as shown. Then thread the remainder of the barrel into the hole you dremeled and glue. After that, find a smaller, longer tube (I used an airsoft barrel) and glue it to the bigger tube. Add a spray paint can lid and glue to the top disk.

Step 5: Barrel Details

Add a spring to the barrel and put a glue cap on the tip for a muzzle.

Step 6: Body Details and Reload Port

Dremel a hole in the side of the body and put some pvc in it as shown. Now get some soda cans (I used izze cans) and cut the bottoms off. You may need to angle the cut to fit the bottle. Glue where shown. Then dremel the top of the can and add it to the pvc.

Step 7: Alien Power Module

This is very simple. Gluestick, pvc, paper, cardboard, pictures, get it? All you need to do is put pvc around one end and cover with cardboard.

Step 8: Trigger Thingy

Remember the top of the Windex bottle? Take it and remove the trigger. Slap it onto the stock.

Step 9: Stock Details

I used pennies, but washers would look cooler. Basically, put one in each corner of the stock and connect them with some wire as shown. Do this on both sides.

Step 10: Thingy

Locate a small tube (pvc will work, but I used a nerf piston) and attach it to the right side. Then get another one and attach it to the disks. ( I used a hex bug pod. ) Use the tubing from the bottle head and connect them. Finally, drill a screw into the top of the front pipe.

Step 11: Paint!

So as I was painting, I foumd this stuff called AWOGS in which is like glowing tape. So I used it for the fun parts. Here's my final product. What should I make next? Comment please!