Introduction: Make Your Own Candle Shape

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Make your own candle shape from toys or any other shape you like at home without destroying it.

I am a Big Fan of Leonardo da Vinci, what a Great Artist !

Step 1: Materials

  1. Toy or any structure.
  2. Aluminium foil.
  3. Candles.
  4. ToothBrush
  5. Small Metal Pot.
  6. Nail Cleaner Tool
  7. Hot Glue Gun.
  8. Ice Cream Stick

Step 2: Make Molds

  1. Cut the aluminium foil, two inches extra from all sides according to the thing which you want to make ( I will call it statue for easiness ).
  2. Squeeze the foil to make some wrinkles on it. (have less chance to tear)
  3. Put the foil on one side of statue and rub the toothbrush on it until the foil completely wrap on it and the statue clearly appear on foil. Also press with thumb to make wrinkles disappear slightly. (Be careful at those areas which are to deep or pointy like nose in my case. Be gentle on those areas.)
  4. If you see any holes then take some other small piece of foil and put it on hole and brush over it. And put some hot glue over it so the small piece get stick.
  5. Take it off gently so the shape did not get deteriorate.
  6. Make back side of statue by doing the same steps.
  7. Put the shaped foil upside down on nonabsorbent place (there is a chance of wax leakage). And put some things around it for support.

Step 3: Make the Structure.

  1. Take some candles, break them and pull the thread from them.
  2. Put all wax in metal pot and melt it on low flame or stove.
  3. Pour the molten wax in the molds. Make sure that the back part should be half filled.
  4. When the wax become partially hard put the thread on back mold from top to bottom and fill the remaining molten wax in it.
  5. When the wax become hard take it off from mold by folding the foil slowly.
  6. Temporary Join the both parts by hands, observe and cut the excessive wax.

Step 4: Join the Parts

  1. Make slightly under curve in back part and put molten wax on it.
  2. Quickly, put front part on it.
  3. When the molten wax become thick (near to become hard) take some ice cream stick and fill the gap between those two parts.

Step 5: Finishing

  1. Take the nail cleaner tool or ice cream stick and make it fine by seeing the original one.
  2. Use some pointy thing like needle to give details like on eyes etc.
  3. Remove all excessive wax and wrinkles.

Step 6: Complete Video of Making This Candle

If you like my instructable, watch this video and subscribe my youtube channel.

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