Introduction: Make Your Own Sports Wristband

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Greetings again fellow creators, today I'm bringing you a very simple instructable for all those who love sports and outdoors activities.

The what and why: Winter is coming... No its not a corny catch-phrase from a tv series, winter is literally and figuratively coming and all the season athletes are going into hibernation. I on the other hand don't stop my workouts for winter, but sometimes i'ts just too cold so I use my indoor trainer to keep my training schedule on point. I do some high intensity training sessions which leaves the area around my bike a complete sweaty mess, specially because sweat drips down my arms and forms a puddle on the floor beneath the handlebars, so i thought... I need sports wristbands!!!

For those who don´t know what those are, well its those cuffs athletes use on their wrists to avoid sweat to go to the hands and make things slippery, commonly seen being used by tennis players.

So I've decided to make my own using old socks... I love using socks to make projects, such a small piece of clothing has so much potential.

Step 1: What You Need, and What to Do.

So to make your wristbands you will need:

*A pair of old Sports socks with good elastic - Free
*Scissors - Free

And that's it!!!!!

Once you have those two tings, lay one sock on the side and identify the thick elastic part, and using the scissors cut on that limit, make sure you cut straight for aesthetics (having a sharp scissors will help).

Once that's done you'll be left with two pieces, the top part is what you want, the bottom part can still be used for something later like to keep your feet warm or polishing your shoes or something else creative.

Once you've cut the first, if you´re happy with the proportions and feel, make the other pair.

Step 2: How to Use!

The purpose of the wristband is to collect sweat and allow you to clean your forehead before those salty drops reach your eyes, so depending on what you what it for you might choose to keep it fully open.

In my case I'm simply using it to block the sweat from reaching my hands so this is how I''m going to use it.

Step 1: Place the band on the inside out, with the elastic part towards your elbow and the cut section towards the wrist;

Step 2: Pull the part with the elastic on top of the cut section creating a tick double layered wristband, if you have some sewing skills you can even sew it in this position, but don't sew it all the way, leave a little area open for a secret cash stash.

Bonus: You can store some emergency cash in between the layers, if you go on a jog and don't want to carry your wallet around.

I've tried them out and they work great, who needs to spend money on sports ware when you can have it for free.

Hope this ends up being useful to you at some point, have a good one.

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