Introduction: Make a Bohemian Necklace From Upcycled Materials

Hey hey! Have ever wondered finding a necklace which is kind of out of the box, cool and cheap. Then you search is at the end. I will show you how it's made cheers. So It's really easy to make this amazing boho necklace by following some few gear up with your supplies to make this amazing project. You just need some basic materials like beaded mirrors,golden pearls sticks and some needles and adhesives and you are ready to go. Follow the steps ,you could just wear it on occasions and turn to cool gaga in a ocassion
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Step 1: Gather the Supplies

Here the list of supplies which you could just find in any stores
1. Canvas or leather sheet
2. Decorative items like pearls, lace, etc
3. Woolen thread
4. A pair of scissor , scale, drafters
5. Needless and thin threads
6. Adhesive

Step 2: Making the Base

Now simply sew the beaded mirrors as shown with the lace in a consecutive manner.remember to join them and also paste a sheet of canvas or leather at backside to give it a support. I have used here both leather and canvas to make a sturdy base. Keep it aside and start to work on necklace's petals

Step 3: Making the Petals of the Necklace

Now take a canvas or leather sheet and start stacking the golden sticks in a diagonal manner. Just like the feathers of peacock but don't forget to start by pastnig a small acrylic mirror on the extreme end of canvas sheets cutter portion At the end paste a mirror which is circular in shape. Do this on both sides of the partition which you made with golden sticks. At the end it will look like a petal. Also paste a another sheet of leather or canvas at the backside to provide it a firm support. Let it dry as still there is some glue on leather

Step 4: Join Petals to Base

Sew the petals to the beaded mirrors withneeedles and thread and make the structure steady and strong. Add at last the another sheet of leather to provide a final support to necklace. Give it some time as glue on leather will take some time to dry. Added the thread to base of necklace and insert a pearl to make it right añd according to you neck size

Step 5: Hurrah! We Made It

Now the necklace is ready to be on your neck on any occasion maybe your wedding , engagement or any special occasion. You can even gift it to someone. Thank you for watching this instructable


Step 6:

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