Introduction: Make a Cute Layered Card

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In this instructable I've documented how to make a pretty, simple and fun layered card. I made this in under five minutes. There can be many variations of this, which I think, I’ll post in a little while as well. Hope you like it…let’s begin ^_^

Things you’ll need:

• Pastel sheets or card paper in any two colors of your choice (I took a brown and dull shade of orange, more peach-ish than orange)
• A steel ruler/scale
• Paper cutter
• A small piece of ribbon (I took a red one, 12cm long)
• A cute looking sticker or a small cute picture
• Tape, Double-sided tape

Step 1:

Start with the orange paper. 

Cut out a rectangle using the steel ruler and cutter. (You can use a regular plastic ruler too but the cutter damages the plastic scale's edges as you cut along it, hence its better to use a steel scale).

Make sure the longer edge of the rectangle is roughly double the length of the shorter edge, so that we get a square when we fold this rectangle in half, as shown in the images. 

Step 2:

Take the cute bear sticker or image and stick it on the right half of the folded rectangle. 
I used a cutout from a plastic file cover instead of a sticker and stuck it to the card using double sided tape (A quicker and neater option than glue).

Step 3:

Now place the orange card we've made on a sheet of the brown paper, and cut out a rectangle slightly (about 0.8 to 1.0cm) bigger than the orange one.
Fold this brown rectangle in half as well, so it resembles a square.

Step 4:

Using double-sided tape, stick the orange card tilted a little, on top of the brown card. You can use glue for this, but again, I feel double-sided tape is faster and neater.

Step 5:

Take the red ribbon. 
Open the orange card on top, and place the ribbon diagonally on it as shown.

Keeping the ribbon in place, open the brown card below. Bring the ends of the ribbon inside the brown card and secure them there with tape. Cut away the excess ribbon.

Step 6:

Using double-sided tape on the inside of the brown card, stick the two sides together.
Open the orange card, write your message "happy birthday!" "thank you!"...what ever you like. You can even use the diagonal ribbon on the card to attach some candy or coupons to the card.

Step 7:

I really enjoyed making this cute little card and I'm going to make a bunch of them now in different color combinations and design variations.
I'd love to hear what you think about this ible...

Happy making! ^_^

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