Introduction: Personalized Beaded Hairclip

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Today I’ll show you how to make your own personalised hairclip. It’s really easy and fun to make ^_^
Let’s get started!

Things you’ll need:

• A variety of beads you like (I went for a metallic theme here, with gold and silver beads as the focus, plus metallic black beads and some clear glass beads)
• Nylon thread (about 20cm long)
• A plain hairclip (I took a silver one)
• Pair of scissors

Step 1:

Put three of the black metallic beads through the plastic thread and bring these towards the middle of the thread length.

Step 2:

Put a fourth black metallic bead through one end of the thread and cross that bead, passing the other end of the thread through it as well.

Pull both ends of the thread outwards to bring all four beads together in a closed, flower-like formation.

Step 3:

Now, pass both ends of the thread through the hairclip as shown in the picture. Wrap it around once and bring both the thread ends upwards through the four-bead flower (this is done to secure the beads to the clip, so we can then proceed weaving more beads into the thread, hence adding as many beads to the clip as we like).

Step 4:

Once you feel the thread and beads are secured to the clip, pass one gold and one silver bead to either end of the thread as shown.

Step 5:

Now, pass another bead through one end of the thread and cross that bead with the other end of the thread (I took an off-white pearl bead for this step).

Step 6:

Again weave through, and wrap the thread around to secure the beads added to the clip. Repeat steps 4 and 5 using the same or different beads (I used clear glass beads for this), till you get the desired chain length of beads for your clip.

You can keep wrapping the thread around after every repetition of steps 4 and 5, making a pretty bunch of beads on the hairclip. Or you can leave the bead-chain to dangle off your clip like I did with mine.

Step 7:

When you feel you’ve got the pretty bunch or bunch-plus-chain formation on your hairclip that you’re satisfied with, tie a couple of tight knots at the end of the last bead and cut away the excess thread.

Step 8:

So now you’ve got your very own personalised hairclip!

I’d love to hear what you think about this instructable and see pictures of the gorgeous hairclips you make.
Have a fun day ^_^

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