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Introduction: Make a Giant Statue

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My first instructable.. I have had this on my website for a long time but it might work well here. 
Project: create an 8 foot statue of Goliath, quickly and reasonably.

Step 1: Create a Giant Statue

Client: World Overcomers Non-denominational Church, Memphis

The church had just bought a huge new building and wants a Goliath statue to symbolize the enormous debt they have taken on.
As the debt is paid, Goliath is to be diminished, but how? Cut pieces off him? Stick knives in? Paint? Many wild ideas are considered.

Starting with a block of styrofoam 8' x 3' x 2', Alex and I projected line art on front and back and started chainsawing. As we cut away /defined the sides, we projected the image again and re-drew profiles on either side and soon got a squared-up giant.

Step 2: Defining the Form

Here, Goliath has been refined.

The only piece added to the big block is the raised forearm which will hold the sword. We used spray glue 3M

777 to glue it. It's a contact cement.

Clothing has been defined.

Alex decided we should leave a good platform under his feet. This gives us a sturdy triangle, and a surface where he carves the name. But as his ankles are narrowed, we can feel them flexing. We'll need to strengthen them or they could snap.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Back in my own shop, we drill up into his legs and drive in dowels and glue. This makes it impossible for the church to "cut him down to size," at least where the dowels reach. Oh well! Better than seeing him break.

We finish sanding the styrofoam and rub a plaster coat all over the giant.

We give him a thin plywood sword and texture his tunic. We work on his face until he looks fierce and mean, and give him a stringy hairdo (floor mop strands!)

Last, we paint him with a tough acrylic.

One week.

The church loves him too much to slice him up anyway. They paint horizontal red lines on him as they pass 10%, 20% etc.

At World Overcomer's Church, Winchester Rd., Memphis

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    Really smart idea, and wonderful job carving this! Is the foam very dense or no?


    Reply 5 years ago

    It's ordinary styrofoam. I might have said I used a Sur-form tool on it after the saws, and then we sanded it. Thanks.

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    This is awesome! Where did you get a block of styrofoam that big?


    Reply 5 years ago

    There's a multi-location company, Drew Foam, that sells plastic foam. Most of their sales are 2' x 4' foam sheets used for insulation and packing. They have the big hotwire cutters to make many large foam parts as well.