Introduction: Make a Green Beaded Tier Necklace

     I was inspired to make this by a unique necklace I found on However,  being one of a meager budget, I decided to make my  own.

The beads that i was using were purchased at hobby lobby for around four dollars. Though regrettably, a multicolor pack  was the cheapest, so I was forced  to sort out the color beads I wanted. Why not just buy the color I want? we're talking meager here, people.

Step 1: Materials

You will be needing:

1. seed beads--I used the medium size( not big, not small)
2. fishing line--you could use thread, but I felt that fishing line would be stronger and if any showed it would be hard to see.
3. super glue is technically optional, but I needed it on knots to make it very secure, because fishing line doesn't like to be tied into teeny knots.
4. Small jewelry rings ( the type used to attach charms onto bracelets)
5.Yarn OR  a Clasp

Step 2: String the Beads

Get out about 2 feet of fishing line and, you guessed it, start stringing the beads. 
stop when you feel like you've reached a good length, I ended up using about a foot and a half. 
when you've done that, tie the ends of your string to the rings, and add an optional dot of super glue.

Now, I  thought you'd benefit more from a drawing for the next few steps, than a picture because my camera can't focus on anything close up. ( and I was BORED okay?!)

Step 3: First Tier

Fold what you have in half, and find the center. you are going to want to land a loop right on the center of the necklace, so know where the middle is. For the first tier there will be 9 loops. Each loop will have about 30 beads (more if yours are smaller, less if they're bigger). The ends of each loop will fall about 15 beads apart.

Start your first loop about 35 beads from the very end.( You could go all the way up to the end, but i thought it would be a waste to have loops on the back of your neck, so i didn't.) start by tying the line through and around a single bead on the necklace. Then, add 30 beads. Now you've got what you need to make your first loop!

take the end of the line a string it through a bead about 15 beads away from where you started. it way not be exact, so you should definitely eyeball it to make sure it looks okay, especially if you're using thread instead of line. After that, add 30 more beads and repeat the process.

monitor as you go to make sure you're going to land the 5th loop in the center, so that theres one loop in the center, and four on each side of that.

Step 4: Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Tiers

Use the same technique, to add just four loops to the next tier, each attaching to the last tier at the center of the loop. you will tie on, on the second loop and tie off, on the second to last loop.

the next tier will only be three loops long, using the same techniques as before 
the next tier two, and then the last will be only one loop long, though for the last one you will want to use more than 30 beads because it will contort when you wear it, so 32-35 is a safe range.

Step 5: Finishing/ Final Picture

Now you have Almost completed the necklace, and all you have to do is attach the clasp or ribbon or yarn, just what ever you are going to use to keep it on, I used yarn, so i tied one piece to each ring and then tied them together. Also using yarn or ribbon means the length is adjustable!

upon completion, I was overcome by a spontaneous desire to put on a nice outfit to highlight my new necklace!
( yeah then Spontaneously photograph it, and spontaneously crop it and Photoshop it and upload it)