Introduction: Make a Paper/Card Lantern

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Make a lantern to add some warmth to your home and give it some colour!

WARNING: These lanterns are not suitable for use with real candles. Please only use LED lights.

*Follow the YouTube video above if you need help*

You can use paper or card but card will be more sturdy and hold together better.

Use whichever colours you think will work well together!


For the lantern you will need:

  • A4 coloured card / paper x 2
  • Tissue paper
  • Templates (if you are using them) Download below
  • LED light


  • Cutting mat
  • Scalpel
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil

Step 1: Draw Out the Lines (Go to the STEP 2 If You Have the Template)

*Go to step 2 if you have the template*

Draw two horizontal lines that are 2.5cm in from the top and bottom length of the card.

Draw a series of vertical lines that are 1.4cm wide from left to right between the two horizontal lines drawn previously.

Step 2: Cut the Strips

Using a metal ruler and scalpel cut the vertical strips. Make sure not to cut all the way from the top to the bottom of the card. Only cut from the top horizontal line to the bottom line.

Cut off the last strip completely. This will make it easier to glue together at the end.

*If you are using the templates, cut along the solid lines.

The dashed lines should be folded*

Step 3: Score the Lines

Score the horizontal lines with the ruler and scalpel so that you can fold them neatly.

Step 4: Cut Strips From the Other Card

*If you have the template, cut the pieces and go to the next step.*

Cut two long strips that are 2.5cm wide from the other card.

Then cut 4 smaller strips form the remaining card. They should be 2cm wide and approximately 15cm to 16cm long,

Step 5: Stick on the Strips of Card

On the front of the lantern, tick the 2 long strips on the top and bottom.

Make sure to line them up with the first vertical line. This will provide more surface area for the tabs to stick to at the end.

Turn the lantern over and stick the four smaller strips to the top. Make sure that they are roughly an equal width apart.

Step 6: Cut Out and Glue the Tissue Paper

Place the lantern on top of the tissue paper. Draw a line that is the same length as the long length of the lantern.

Draw another line that is the same length as the small strips.

Cut out the rectangle.

Place glue on the small strips and along the top.

Carefully stick the tissue paper on top. If you find it difficult to stick the big rectangle on, try cutting them into 4 smaller rectangles and glue each section individually.

Step 7: Glue the Bottom Edge of the Lantern

On the back of the lantern, place glue along the bottom edge.

Turn the lantern over. Bend it by pushing the glued edge to meet the bottom edge of the tissue paper underneath.

Stick the edges together. The lantern's side should now be curved.

Step 8: Glue the Ends Together

Place glue on the two tabs at the end.

Pull the two ends together, overlap the tabs and stick.

Step 9: Make the Handle

Using the remaining card, make a handle by cutting a long strip that is 2 cm wide.

Place glue on both ends and stick inside the top of the lantern.


If you wish to make a base for your lantern, trace the bottom of the base on your remaining card.

If you are using the template, you can cut the base from there.

Make the circle slightly smaller than the one you have traced so that it fits properly.

Draw a larger circle around the small one.

Cut out the large circle and make small cuts from the outer edge towards the small inner circle.

These will form the tabs.

Fold in every other tab and then cut off the ones that remain sticking out.

Place glue on the outside of the tabs and stick the base inside the bottom the lantern.

Step 11: Light It Up!

Carefully place an LED light inside the lantern and turn off the lights!

You can make a variety of lanterns using different colours.