Introduction: Make a Ring Using Insulated Solid Copper Wire

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I have some excess insulated solid copper wire in my workshop. I've decided to make a ring to recycle/reuse the excess insulated solid copper wire. It is weird to use a copper wire as your ring but for me, this is cool and awesome to me. I call it for myself as a "Geek's Ring," I don't know why but anyone who wears this ring would be a geek who loves electricity/electronics. I enjoy making it as I enjoy having this on my finger. Look at the picture while I am wearing the ring out of insulated solid copper wire. Do you want to create one for you? Well, read the all instructions here in my instructable on how to make insulated solid copper wire ring.

Step 1: You'll Need

The list of items I've used for this project! Check it out!


  • Insulated Solid Copper Wire (22-24 AWG)
  • Cylinder Object/Circular Object (Same size of your finger e.g. Huge Old Capacitor)


  • Cutting Pliers
  • Pliers for Bending Wires (Optional)

What you'll need for this project is very simple. First obviously, you'll need an insulated solid copper wire. It depends on you what the size of the wire you want. For me, I use between 22-24 AWG insulated copper wire. Then I use a big capacitor that has the same size of my finger. You can use different circular object based on the size of your finger. So yeah, if you have your circular object then you should go to the next step of my instructable. Thanks!

Step 2: Shape Your Ring

Now, shape your ring based on the circular object you have. In my situation, I have a huge capacitor to make a ring-shaped insulated solid copper wire ring. I wound up 5 times in the capacitor and then stop. Please check the picture for more info and guidance on how I made this. After following what I did just go to the next step for adding some designs and some additional detail in the ring.

Step 3: Add Little Design

Let's add some design and little detail to your insulated solid copper ring. After wounding 5 times in the capacitor just remove it from the capacitor. Bend the short end of the wire, then on the other end of the wire (the long end wire) bend as you see on the picture then follow the pattern in the 4th picture. When you reach the end of the other bent wire just wrap it around it. Cut the excess end of the long wire and make it similar in length of bent wire, have a look at the picture for more guidance and information. After following the picture you have now your very own insulated solid copper wire!

Step 4: Enjoy!

Congratulations for taking a time to create my simple but fun instructable. We've reused the insulated solid copper wire in our home. Instead, we stock some excess insulated solid copper wire in our home, we can use it for other things besides being a good conductor of electricity. Your imagination is the only limit for making ordinary things into more useful and fun things.


Thank you for taking your time to read my instructable about making a ring out of insulated solid copper wire. I hope you enjoy it as I enjoy making it and documenting it to show and tell to other fellow makers here. If you find my instructable useful please consider to click the heart button, leave your comment about my instructable or even follow me on Instructables. By voting this project to the contest it means a lot to me. You can support me by visiting my Patreon page or visiting my Facebook page for more interesting projects about web development, programming, and electronics. I'll bid you farewell, see you in my next Instructables!

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