Introduction: Make a Shop Air Filter for $20 Using a Fireplace Blower.

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Do you build things, cut things, burn things, break things or even smoke things? Then I have a joyride of an Instructable for you ahead.

Don't pine over the super expensive WEN or Grizzly shop air filter systems. Make your own for a fraction, YES FRACTION of the price!!.




First, I'm going to show you how everybody does it the cruddy way.

Step 1: Please Read the Instructable With a Bane Voice

Step 2: The Bungee Cord

Bungee cord a furnace filter onto a box fan.

This sorta works but isn't great for the fan and isn't terribly efficient. If you have to buy the fan you are already in the 20$ range and for an inefficient and ugly method, this is no bueno in my book.

Step 3: The Quick Tape Job

When bungee cords are not close at hand, tape that cheap-o filter onto that Wall-Fart fan and bask in your laziness you oaf.

Step 4: Fancy Tape It Up, I'm a Fancy Person!

"oh Matt, I don't do sloppy tape jobs. I got some of dat-there white tape and it will be all purty and sealed up tight."

This Instructable is not for you. Go back to your tape filled happy place.

Step 5: Engineer the Sh*t Outta It (not) Like Matt Damon

Unless you are stranded inside the Apollo 13 or got lost on Mars, this method is nonsense. Save your tape and filters and do something nicer for the same amount of money.

"Like what?"

I'm happy you asked.

Step 6: Buy a Fireplace Blower

Get it on Amazon.

Find a used one.

I don't care how you do it, but grab one.

Step 7: Modify the Blower

I had to loosen the two screws and turn the entire end assembly 180 degrees in order fo the blower to sit in the box the way I wanted. YMMV.

Step 8: Cut Some Wood

Be sure to use totally random measurements. Accuracy is for sober people.

Step 9: Build a Box

Build it how you like. The only thing that matters in the whooshy end needs to be separated from the spinny end.

I tried to make mine really thin so it will fit in my rafters in a slot I had in mind.

Step 10: Cut Some Holes

You will need a hole for the wooshy end, and a hole for the electrical box/switch.

Step 11: Space Your Filter Just Right

I glued some wood spacers "just so" in the box so the filter would fit in super snug and flush.

Step 12: Paint It and Mount It Up Cowboy

Step 13: Done. Now Make With the Woosh Woosh

Step 14: Or Just Suck It Up and Buy a Pre-built One

This took me about a day to build (total) and about $40 all in after the switch and cover plate and silly things. If you had this stuff in your shop you could do it for about $20, which is the cost of the blower motor.

You can get low-end shop air filters for about 100(ish) bucks.

If you are super fancy, (I don't mean white duct tape fancy, I mean $500 0 table saw fancy) the Shop Fox and WEN systems are good options too, and most likely much better. I'm just poor and wanted something a bit more refined than a box fan with a filter slapped onto it.

How do you deal with removing sawdust and particulates from your shop?

*usage update*
After using this for a few months, I can confidently say this cleans the air. In the winter I use a propane heater like this one and it stinks up the joint. When I turn on the air filter all the nasty, and possibly dangerous, the smell is gone. WIN!