Introduction: Make Your Keurig Into a Kettle

Much as I enjoy my coffee and hot chocolate that I make with my Keurig, sometime (well often), I would like a cup of tea. Cranberry, Peppermint and many others including good old regular tea. I would have to devote my cupboard space to storing the boxes of tea if I would to buy them in those plastic cups that fit the machine, so I improvised and created a kettle out of my Keurig.

Step 1: First I Had to Have a Cup of Hot Chocolate

It wasn't because it was a cold day that I had the hot chocolate, it was because I needed to use up one of the chocolate cups. I needed to modify it and I wasn't about to waste a perfectly good cup of chocolate. One important feature of the chocolate cup is that it was the "green" K cup version. These cups used much less plastic. I have them in Chocolate and French Vanilla Coffee. These cups have a filter bottom without the plastic cup.

I have done this with one of the regular K cups but it is a fight to cut off the plastic bottom. Get the green version if you can.

Once the used chocolate cup was perfectly cool, I cut off the bottom filter paper and dumped the used chocolate content with the filter. I now had a gooey disc of plastic in my hand. I washed the disc thoroughly and then .......

Step 2: The Moment of Truth or Hot Water, Whatever

After the Keurig was all ready to go, I put a tea bag into my cup and put it under the spout.

Then I pressed the button for the medium sized cup and nice clear water came out.

I had not tried this tea before and had borrowed it from a friend. I typed this instructable while I waited for the tea to cool.

I then took my cup of tea and sat out in the sunshine to admire the view.