Make Your Keurig Into a Kettle




Introduction: Make Your Keurig Into a Kettle

Much as I enjoy my coffee and hot chocolate that I make with my Keurig, sometime (well often), I would like a cup of tea. Cranberry, Peppermint and many others including good old regular tea. I would have to devote my cupboard space to storing the boxes of tea if I would to buy them in those plastic cups that fit the machine, so I improvised and created a kettle out of my Keurig.

Step 1: First I Had to Have a Cup of Hot Chocolate

It wasn't because it was a cold day that I had the hot chocolate, it was because I needed to use up one of the chocolate cups. I needed to modify it and I wasn't about to waste a perfectly good cup of chocolate. One important feature of the chocolate cup is that it was the "green" K cup version. These cups used much less plastic. I have them in Chocolate and French Vanilla Coffee. These cups have a filter bottom without the plastic cup.

I have done this with one of the regular K cups but it is a fight to cut off the plastic bottom. Get the green version if you can.

Once the used chocolate cup was perfectly cool, I cut off the bottom filter paper and dumped the used chocolate content with the filter. I now had a gooey disc of plastic in my hand. I washed the disc thoroughly and then .......

Step 2: The Moment of Truth or Hot Water, Whatever

After the Keurig was all ready to go, I put a tea bag into my cup and put it under the spout.

Then I pressed the button for the medium sized cup and nice clear water came out.

I had not tried this tea before and had borrowed it from a friend. I typed this instructable while I waited for the tea to cool.

I then took my cup of tea and sat out in the sunshine to admire the view.

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    5 years ago

    I was given a used Keurig a few years ago when a friend updated to a newer model, only to find out that it wasn't working correctly. Plus, I found the special cups for it were far too costly for my budget. Later, I read about how wasteful the cups are.
    I have an electric water kettle that for under $15 will heat water the same way and it's much easier to use. I can also heat water in a metal tea kettle on my stove or in a mug in my microwave.
    For years I used to place teabags for iced tea into a Pyrex measuring cup, fill it with water, and microwave it for five minutes. Then I would pour that into the teapitcher, fill the rest with cold water, and remove the teabags.
    Now I do the same with the electric kettle.
    The Keurig still sits in my kitchen, but goes unused there. I should likely move it to my workshop.


    5 years ago

    Some of the models require that a cup be placed inside of the machine. I have read that some even require a genuine cup from Keurig and that a sensor reads a bar code on the product before it will work. The company makes money on the cups and there are now many knockoff brands that just make the cup. One of them just makes a cup that is a filter only, allowing people to use their own coffee.


    5 years ago

    I dont understand why you needed the hot chocolate, on my kuerig if I open and close the hatch it just thinks I put a cup in and spits out hot water.