Introduction: Make Your Handwork Statue With "sofal" , Less Than 1$

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Sofal and sofal-gary are amongst in Persian arts . They means clay and pottery . Here , we have some clay shop . Remember it's a art .

In this instructable you learn how to make your one statue , look-like your picture . It's easy and cheap . If you learn this art , you can make different shapes in your favorite size . Example : big statues , plates and ... .

Step 1: What Will You Need

250g clay (more for big size and less for small size)
A useless newspaper (We use it for debarment of pastiness)
Easy knife
A small plate of water
A color spray (I forgot show it in the picture!)

Step 2: Make the Pillar

Cut a piece of clay with your knife . Remember close the pack after your work , because if you forget this work , your clay become dry .

Now make a pillar with your piece of clay . It should be oblong or square . I make a small oblong . You can write your favorite text on it , if you like . For remove the cracks you can rub a few water on them with your finger . Remember don't use much water for remove cracks , because your statue may be break after a few days .

Step 3: Make a Body

Cut a piece of clay again , and make a body it's between circle and oblong . A guide : See your body style and make it !

Now you should plan his/her body . Do it with your knife , and be careful . I make a tie , button and pocket . Then I graticule his body until it get look-like a cloth . Also I put a small flower leaf in his pocket .

Step 4: Make a Head

Cut a piece of clay and make a head . Plan your head with hand and make eyes , noise and a lip . Also I make a hat . He is a retired soldier .

Step 5: Connect the Limps

Now you should have a head , body and pillar .
Connect the head to body . If your head can't fix , fix it with a small clay .
Then connect the body to pillar . Also if it can't fix follow past way .

Be sure your statue's limps are connected right .

Step 6: Dry It

Don't dry your statue fast . If you do it fast , your clay get crack and break after a few days .
Put your statue in shadow and leave it for 24 hours .

Step 7: Paint It

Paint your statue with a spray . I use yellow , because it's look-like gold ! But you can use your favorite color . After spray leave your statue for 1 or more hour until it become dry .

Also you can paint your statue with watercolor or oil color . With them you can paint your statue separate . It means you can paint eyes , noise and other with separate colors .

Your statue is ready , remember I like see your handwork statue !

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