Introduction: Making a Mega Ring From Pokemon X and Y

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Hey all so I wanted to make a mega ring for Cosplay so here's what you need to make one too :)
1: 2 cardboard tubes
2: paint and paint brushes (I used tempera paint)
3: a marble or bead
4 two pictures of the mega stone(one for reference and one for the marble)
5: pencil
6: hot glue gun
7: white glue
8: water
9: scissors and a box knife
10: paper
11: ruler
12: cup

Step 1: Lets Get Started

•Get your cardboard tube and draw guide lines to cut out the bracelet
It should be as wide as your wrist is
•Smooth out any rough edges after you cut it out
*Tip: if you don't have any cardboard tube as wide as your wrist you can use the cardboard center of a roll of tape you probably won't even need to cut it too

Step 2: More Cutting!!

•Now get your second cardboard tube and cut it in half you can use the ruler to help you make a straight cut
•then hold the half tube on the bracelet to mark where to cut
•the edges must be aligned and cut the peace off when the curve starts
•now use that peace and draw the outline of it on the cardboard and cut out the other peaces
•repeat until you have enough peaces to cover the bracelet
The next step will show you how much you'll need

Step 3: "but How Many Peaces Do I Need?"

•to figure out how many peaces to cut out get one of them and place it on the bracelet
•now mark how long the peace is
•with the ruler measure how much it is and go all the way around the bracelet marking were the peaces should be
•then count the spaces it'll give you an idea how much you'll need to cover the bracelet (I needed 13 peaces)
•now cut out all the peaces how I described in step 2 and get ready for the next step

Step 4: The Next Step

•first you get a peace and curve it a bit just to make sure that the edges line up
•get your hot glue gun and put the glue on the bracelet edges (you can use the marks from the previous step to help you place the glue)
•now quickly place the edges of the peace on the glue and hold in place until its dry
•repeat until the whole bracelet is covered with the peaces
*note: there will be gaps I between the peaces that's okay we'll cover them in step 5

Step 5: Step 5

•first shred some paper and get your white glue and pour it into a cup and add water
•use 4 parts glue and 1 part water
•get a paint brush and cover the paper with glue and cover the gapes with it
•cover the mega ring with several layers until you covered all the gapes also to make it stronger and smoother
•let it dry completely when you added enough layers

Step 6: Hours Later...

•now get the mega ring and carefully feel for the biggest gap under the paper
•get your knife and cut a hole there not too big though the marble needs to be snug in the hole
•now jam the marble inside and it should fit nice and snug there
•now get your picture of mega ring and cut out the stone make sure you leave some of the gray part when you cut it out
•now with your hot glue gun place glue all around the marble on the edges too
•then stick the picture of the mega stone on it make sure your stick it on the right way with the DNA looking symbol sideways

Step 7: Almost Done :)

Now simply get your reference picture of the mega ring and draw on the design with pencil

Step 8: Paint!!

**first note that the paint I use just comes as a powder it is tempera paint it dose not have to be the same paint yours can come in liquid form or be acrylic**

•okay so you just need two colors gray and black first start with the gray part
•carefully paint the design you drew on gray and let it dry completely when your done
•now paint the rest black and be careful painting around the design part and let it dry completely
*tips:you can paint in parts to make it easier and cleaner work
(Like gray and then half of black then the next half and then the black on the design)
*Also you can wear the ring while you paint if its easier for you but you'll have to wait until its dry to take it off

Step 9: ALL DONE!!!

After it all dried your mega ring will be ready for action!! :) thank you guys for checking out my inscrutable this is my first one I'm sorry If the quality was ify, thank you guys and happy training :)
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