Making Buttons

Introduction: Making Buttons

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Hello! This is my 2nd instructable. I am very excited to show you how to make buttons with a button maker.


  • Button Presser
  • Designs (depending on size of your button maker)
  • Clear plastic
  • Pin Base
  • Pin Clip

Step 1: The Base

Add the base to the left side of the pin presser.

Step 2: Add Paper (pin Design)

Put your pin design on top of the base. Try to make as even as possible.

Step 3: Add Plastic Protector

This clear plastic will go over both the base and design to keep it safe and shiny.

Step 4: Press Down

Press down the handle hard and fast.

Step 5: Add Bottom of Pin (Clip)

On the right side of the pin presser put a pin clip. Put the squiggly side facing up. (ALWAYS!)

Step 6: Move Over and Press Down

Right now the layer of the base,design, and plastic cover is still being held by the pin presser. Move it over to the right side with the pin clip and push down hard and fast.

Step 7: TA-DA!!! You're Done!

I hope you are very satisfied with your pins! Please comment,heart, and follow me. Thanks!


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    2 years ago

    I am the creator of this instructable and I hope you enjoy it. I am going to post many more instructables.