Introduction: Making Your Own Custom LED Country Map on the Wall or Or a Coaster!

This is how to make your very own custom coaster or wall hanger on your own made easy! This project took me one day to complete ( One extra day for modge podge to set in). I wanted to create a multipurpose tool in my house so I can save space. I wanted to create something for decoration and and something that could be used cups and such. I went with a map theme because it would look great as a coaster and as a decoration. I also added led lights to make it pop ( completely optional)! This Coaster/ Wall hanger would look great anywhere! Very easy diy.

Step 1: Tools + Materials


  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Pen/ Pencil
  • Computer ( for maps)
  • Printer ( optional )


  • Paint
  • Wood circle ( any shape is fine but I prefer a circle
  • Modge Podge
  • Led Light ( optional)

Step 2: Painting the Wood

In this step I got my wood and I painted black and white to make look professional. When I painted I put the lighter color on top so it is more visible and the dark color near the bottom. I also mixed black and white to make it look more rustic. Here's a clip of me painting the wood. In the video the first part is me painting the wood and the next are explained later on in the Instructable

Copy and Paste the link in a new tab ( Ctrl c to copy then Ctrl v to paste ) or if the link works just click it

Step 3: Making the Country

In this step is when we make the country. I used a United States for this project . When I made this I printed a map of the United States and I cut it out and traced on the wood and painted it in. ( If you want to trace in the states of your country you can do it. I tried to do it but it I made to messy). This I fairly easy step.

Copy and Paste the link in a new tab ( Ctrl c to copy then Ctrl v to paste ) or if the link works just click it

Step 4: Making the Map

In this step you have to pull up a map of your country. I made the road map of the USA which I find really cool. There is many different options to do for example, geographic map or state map. To help me with this step I drew all the major roads first then all the small roads next.Then to make it look better I put in little dots to mark locations like Miami, Houston, and NYC. This part took me some time to make but it is worth it.

Copy and Paste the link in a new tab ( Ctrl c to copy then Ctrl v to paste ) or if the link works just click it

Step 5: Modge Podge + Led Lights ( Optional )

This step is completely optional but I did this to make more long lasting and to make it look better. I put modge podge to make it waterproof so if a I place a drink on it and the water hits the paint it will wash away. But with modge podge it coats in waterproof material. To do this step I just take my brush dip it lightly in modge podge and lightly coat the project in modge podge for best results. This will take a day to completely dry and to set. After it has dried you can put on led lights on the bottom to make look amazing. For this I took some cardboard and glued it to the bottom of my project so it stands up and I wrapped the Led lights around it.

Step 6: Finally Done!

We are done now! This diy only took 5 steps to complete and very time efficient and it looks amazing! I hope you like my project!

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