Introduction: Custom Rainbow Galaxy Themed Speaker

In this project I learned how to make a amazing Rainbow Galaxy Speaker. What got me this idea was ZHC the YouTube channel. When he starts customizing phone and laptops it is satisfying. So today I wanted to give it a try and I went pretty well. I hope you like this project as much I do.



Paint brush




Modge Podge

Step 1: The First Coat

Right now I have a blue and white speaker and coated in black for the the space part. When I was painting I came across a few problems. If the speaker is plastic you have to put a thicker coat of paint. If it metal you have to put a medium light coat of paint. Other than that it is pretty easy.

Step 2: The Little Details

In this step you have to dip your paintbrush in paint and pull it black and flick on the speaker to get little galaxy effect. I chose the color white, purple, and blue. This step is pretty simple.

Step 3: The Planets

For this you have pick the color of the rainbow and paint circles for it. If you want to create rings on the planets I have very easy tip how to make it look good. All you have to do is start the ring at the top and end near the middle bottom part of the planet. Try doing it quickly for the best results.

Step 4: Astronuat

This step is optional but you can create and astronaunt in the speaker which makes it look really cool. I also added a milkyway effect by adding white line in between each planet and I connected the together.

Step 5: Done

We are finally done I hoped you like my speaker. Go make yours and play great music from it!

Step 6:

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