Introduction: Avengers Helicarrier

Who doesn't like Avengers. So I decided to make the Avengers Hellicarrier from the movie. When I finished the project it looked amazing! I looks almost exactly from the one from the movie. Even with the second run way and everying thing. I really had alot of fun with this project and I hope you do to.



Hot Glue Gun







Soda cans

Step 1: Making the Layout

First you want a shape that looks like this picture above. You would want to start the shape from bottom to the top. And then you would cut it out. This step is pretty easy.


Where the blades of the hellicarrier are suposed to go make sure they are a little bit bigger then how I made them. Because latter on it will be a big pain to cut out.

Step 2: The Hull of the Ship

For this part cut out the shape in the picture and take your body of the ship too. Then take the pieces on glue them onto the body. To know how to do it you can copy and paste this link to know how to do it. The first part is the Hull.

Step 3: The Second Hull

For this step all you have to do is make the pieces from the last step but make the pieces little bit bigger. Then make a cardboard piece the shape of a trapezoid so you can fix the hole in the hull

Step 4: The Engines

For this step take a 2 shapes just like the one in the first picture and cut the out. In this video you should see in the middleof the video you should see me making making it. I am sorry that some of it was not filmed because my camera shut off. So all you do is cover the diamond shape thing in cardboard to make it look like the pics in the 2 and 3 images. Then you connect them to the body of the hellicarrier

Step 5: Time to Make Propellers

In this you have to cut a hole where the blades are on the Helicarrier. For this step I took a soda can and cut it up into blade shapes and hot glued them where the holes are. This step is very easy.

Step 6: Making the Second Runway

In this step cut out 3 thin rectangle shapes of cardboard and hot glue them to the ship. Then cut out the shape seen in the third picture and glue it on to the 3 thin strips of cardboard you just made.

Step 7: The Controls

Find some empty cardboard boxes and cut the corner of them and glue it onto the the first runway and the second runway. I added two controls towers because I was running out of cardboard. Originally from the movie there is 3-4 control towers. This step should take you at least 5 minutes.

Step 8: Painting

After this step your done! What I did to paint is I painted the hull sliver and the runways black and white. And the control tower black and blue. After I finished this projected I loved just looking at it. I took me a decent amount of time to paint this because I really wanted it to look amazing.

Step 9: Done

Your finally done I hope you like this project. And if you could please vote for my project if you want to. :)

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