Introduction: Making a Tendon Model

Here you’ll learn to make a model that manipulates hand usage

Step 1: Get a Large Piece of Cardboard

Trace your hand onto the cardboard. Then, trace around your handprint to make the fingers larger and more square. Make sure there’s enough room for three creases and two creases on the thumb.

Step 2: Cut Out Your Tracing

Cut the lines out with either scissors or an exact o knife, whatever meets your needs. Make sure you have enough room to string your wrists to the model as well.

Step 3: Cut Out Straws and Put Them on the Three Creases, on the Palm, and the Thumb.

Here, you will put strings through the straws, and when they’re tied to the tips of the fingers, when you pull on them, the fingers will bend.

Step 4: Tie String Through the Straws and Make Loops at the End.

As shown above, this is self explanatory.

Step 5: Make a Wrist Hold

This will keep your wrist and model steady so it doesn’t rotate around your hand or bend.

Step 6: Decorate It As You Want !

You can paint it, tape it, jut about anything! I wrapped electrical tape around the first and painted the second gold!