Introduction: Making Garden Stakes From Wine Bottle Capsules

One evening i tried to open a bottle of wine with a screwcap
and discovered that the screwcap was loose.

As by a flash i saw a garden stake in the capsule.

Step 1: Tools You Need

You need the following:

Marking pen (You choose the color)

And of course a wine bottle with a capsule
Other flat thin sheet of metal if so than you can go to step 3

Step 2: Remove the Capsule

Use a knife to cut off the capsule.
By my first bottle i was lucky the capsule was loose.

Cut a little from the bottom up, only one cm.(1/2 inch)
(Cut always from your body and keep your hands or other bodyparts out of the cut direction.)

Slide the point of the knife between the capsule and the glass
and cut to the top of the bottle.
The capsule is a very thin metalsheet so you don't have to use much power to cut.

The capsule is cut. So you can seperate it from the bottle.

Flatten the capsule and cutoff the edge if they where not neatly

The flatten capsules and chopsticks

Step 3: Making the Slots

Meassure the middle and the position of the two slots.

Use a chisel and hammer to make two cuts per slot.

Sometimes you must give a second cut from the back with the chisel.

Step 4:

Fold the capsule a little on the middle and at the same time push the slots outside.
Then push the stick in between.
Flatten the capsule and stick combination and use some little pressure on the slots.
Now you got your garden stake.

Step 5: End Result

Use paint, pencil or other things to decorate.

Put it in the soil and enjoy.