Reuse Paper Tea Bag Holders




Introduction: Reuse Paper Tea Bag Holders

My wife drinks a lot of tea (sometimes me to) and i love to read new instructables everyday,
then i read this instructable:
Here shows Greenmypc how to use the teabags, in my instructable i show you how to
use the paper teabag holders and the paperbox they come into.

The idea of this instructable is to use everything, the teabags it self,
(they where sold in the Netherlands in this box)
are not reusable like the ones of Greenmypc in his instructable, however you can make compost of it. See the "Worm cafe" by Beuna:

But the paperbags are the things to use.

Step 1: Put Small Things Inside

The paper bags are perfect for small things.
You can put things inside and write a label on the pakage.

Not only bolds and nuts, you can put everything small in it like poststamps.
Different flavours are mostly in different colored bags so you can make a system.

Leave a comment with other idea's so we can help each other.

Step 2: Put the Bags Into the Paper Box

The paperbox is a perfect storage system, the bags belong to the box so they got a perfect match.

If you like modding you can use different reused materials to enhance it.

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    7 years ago on Step 2

    I am taking a bus to my appointment soon and this would be great for holding the cash and putting it into my pocket. I don't carry a handbag like most women, I just carry a wallet but if money falls out you can't hear it. These will hold the cash for a single ride. Thanks! Pt


    10 years ago on Introduction

    An other idea, as I have a tea wallet in my bag, I use a paper tea bag to store toothpicks: the size is perfect and it's a clean way for these little useful things.