Introduction: Making of Cycle Rear Mudguard.

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In this instructable, I am going to share how to make cycle rear mudguard with cardboard, very easy and quick.
Let's get started.


1. Cardboard piece
2. Sticky tape.
3. Scissor.
4. Pencil.

Step 1: Structure of Mudguard.

Firstly, we will draw a structure of our rear mudguard, the image is given, please refer it and you also draw it and then only start with your project.

Step 2: Mudguard Measurements.

Take a scale or ruler and measure the size of your rear wheel.
Measure the height and then measure width.

Step 3: Mudguard Cutting

So, you have drawn a structure of mudguard and also measured the size of wheel, now draw the structure of the measure which you had taken earlier lightly on a cardboard piece and cut it very carefully.
Once you cut, fold slightly in the middle of the mudguard as shown in image.
This will give a beautiful shape to the mudguard.
You can also wrap the mudguard with plastic.

Step 4: Fixing of Mudguard.

Now you have finished the making of mudguard, now the main part of the project, fixing! Fixing! Fixing!
Take your rear mudguard and try to put it under the seat of your cycle and stick it with sticking tape carefully.
Stick it properly.
And your cycle's mudguard is ready.

Step 5: Enjoy! Riding Your Cycle.

It's all right!
Enjoy your cycle ride without any fear of getting your back clothes with mud!
Have a happy and safe ride!
Good Luck!

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