Making Scented Candles

Introduction: Making Scented Candles

Quick easy way to make your own homemade candles!

Step 1: Materials

1. soy chips
2. oil scents
3. ice trays for melt away candles
4. variety of candle molds/ bumpy candle mold
5. pencils
6. wicks
7. cupcake paper holders

Step 2: Melt Wax & Add Oil

1. Use a double boiler to melt the soy wax.

2. once the wax has melted add the oil and stir. I used banana bread and wedding cake scented oils.

3.pour wax in containers and allow them to cool.

Step 3: Pour & Cool

1. Carefully pour wax in containers.

2. Allow wax to cool completely for a few hours.

3. remove candles from molds

Step 4: Candles Are Ready to Be Used!

This was my first time using the bumpy candle mold! It was definitely worth the money!

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