Introduction: Maleficent Movie Costume Staff

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Maleficent Movie Costume Staff!

Easy DIY for this fantastic movie prop!

Lights up and everything!

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:
A 1.5 inch by 48 inch wooden dowel (about $4)

Crow (I got mine from Oriental Trading)

Polly Plastic (moldable plastic)

Dollar store battery powered flicker candle

Round orb/vase (we scored this at a thrift store for $1)

Hot glue/gun

Step 2: Lights!

First, the lighting.
I took apart this flicker candle.

You'll need the battery, wires and light.

I drilled a hole in the top of the dowel and the side,
making them meet up in the middle.

Then I pulled the light through carefully with a bent wire.

I used hot glue and set the light and the battery in place.
Then I put the vase on the end. It's a little loose but pretty perfect!

I hot glued it in place.

Then check and make sure the light still works.

Step 3: Plastic!

Next, I microwaved 2 cups of water in a pitcher...
Then I added a couple spoon fulls of polly plastic.

It goes from white to clear...then it is ready to mold.

Pull it out of the water and it is remarkably easy to touch and form!

I made woven branches and stick like tentacles from the dowel to the vase.

Let it dry completely.
I reinforced it with hot glue.

Step 4: Paints!

Then painting!
I spray painted the whole dowel, easier that way.

Then I used a paint brush and brown/black paints for the branchy details.

So far, so awesome!
If you are making the staff without the crow, you are finished!

This would make a great wizard or mage staff...but to truly be Maleficent

you need your sidekick Diaval!

Step 5: Crow!

Next, I hot glued those little crows feet on the top of the staff!
It's remarkably sturdy!

Once that glue dried, I painted it to match. Easy peasy!

Now to see if the light still works!

Step 6: Perfect!

It looks just like the movie prop!

It's that subtle green tinge glow! It's absolutely awesome!

And trust me,
There will be much more Maleficent costuming posts in the near future!

I'm so excited for Halloween, I love helping everyone find and make the perfect costumes!

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