Introduction: Many Ways to Wear Hair Bow

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Hair bow is one of the cutest hair accessories! I love making them and wearing them in different ways. Hair bows turn a simple hairstyle into a cute and pretty one. This ible will show you how to wear hair bow in 9 different ways.

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Step 1: Bangs Up!

Brush your hair and make it tangle free.

Hold the bangs together and twist them to the side,

Now simply clip the bangs with a cute, small bow clip :)

This one's the easiest and cutest!

Step 2: Side Ponytale

Brush hair to remove tangles.

Pull all your hair to any one side and brush them again,

Hold the hair together tightly on the side and secure them with a hair elastic or tie.

Now attach a hair bow by making sure it covers the hair elastic or tie.

Step 3: Side Braid

Tangle free your hair,

Bring all your hair to a side and brush them really well,

Now Do simple braid:

Divide your hair into 3 sections,

Grab any one of the outer sections and pull it over the middle section,

Now grab the outer section on the opposite side and pull it over the middle section (which is the previous outer section).

Keep doing the same until the braid reaches its required length.

After you're done braiding your hair secure it with an elastic band and attach a small bow clip on the elastic band.

Step 4: Side Up

You can try out this hairstyle if you have bangs.

Brush to tangle free your hair,

Use a comb to section your hair (in the front) from the bangs,

Hold a small section of your hair as shown in the 3rd picture of this step,

Now simply secure that small section of hair with a bow clip.

Easy and cute!

Step 5: Sides Up

This one's my personal fave!

Tangle free your hair,

Grab a small section of hair slightly above your ear,

Do the same on the other side,

Gently pull these 2 small sections of hair and slide them to the back,

Hold both sections carefully and secure them together with a bow clip.

Step 6: High Bun

Brush your hair nicely.

Grab all your hair together at the back to form a ponytail,

Pull the ponytail as high as you can,

Secure the ponytail with a n elastic band,

Divide the hair into 2 sections and start circling them around the base of the ponytail,

Keep circling until the bun is done,

Secure the bun with bobby pins around the base.

Now you can attach a hair bow at the back, below the bun or on the front of the bun as shown in the pictures of this step.

Step 7: High Ponytale

Brush your hair to remove tangles.

Grab all your hair together to form a ponytail,

Pull the ponytail as high as you can,

Hold the ponytail carefully and brush your hair from the bottom of your neck towards the head,

Secure the ponytail with an elastic band,

Simply attach a bow clip over the elastic band making sure that the hair bow covers the elastic band.

Step 8: Simple Bun

Tangle free your hair.

Grab all the hair, create a simple ponytail and secure it with an elastic band,

Twist the ponytail,

carefully wrap the twisted ponytail around the base to form a bun,

Secure the base of the bun with bobby pins,

Now attach a bow clip on any side side of the bun, it makes the bun look cuter!

There are more fun and cute ways to wear hair bow but I'm sharing these 9! I hope you like'em :)


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