Marvel and DC Man

Introduction: Marvel and DC Man

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I like comics and what better way to represent the different publishers than to create mascots for them. I used marvel and dc but I would love to also make and Image one or maybe and IDW Man :)

Step 1: Finding Just the Right Shape

I found these guys at Michaels and they were only five dollars a piece. I really love how well the comics adhere to the plastic they are made of I didnt have to cover them in an acrylic paint to get the comics to stick.

Step 2: Out of the Packaging

I took them apart because it made them easier to paint. Red for Marvel and blue for DC :) I got a little creative and modpodged the logo on their stomachs to further make them look like super heroes :)

Step 3: Mod Podge and Piece Them Back Together

I placed the panels around the heads using modPodge and patience. When the pain was dry I put their arms back on and finished them with a polyurethane sealer.

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    9 years ago

    Haha yeah not a bad idea :)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Too cool! A couple more of those guys you can make a tic-tac-toe game....Marvel vs DC.