Mason Jar Cinnamon Candles

Introduction: Mason Jar Cinnamon Candles

Dip beneath the horizon with these cinnamon scented candles that will light up your chritsmas eve for sure!!


Candle wax/ Candle stick

Cinnamon fragrance oil

Cinnamon Sticks

Empty Mini Mason Jar

Candle wick

Step 1: Melting the Wax

Melt the candles as much as you want. Pick out the candle wix and keep it on aside then add cinnamon fragrance oil on it.

Step 2: Filling the Jar

Fill up the jar with Wax and then tie the candle Wix onto a pen or a stick. Let the pen stand onto the upper part of the jar and put in the Wix and make sure the Wix touches the candle wax. Let it dry for 10 Minutes.

Step 3: And Your Done!!

Experience the true smell of Whole cinnamons. Merry Christmas =)

Step 4:

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    Tip 2 years ago on Step 4

    Please anchor the ends of the rope away from the flame. It could be the pictures angle but I am a worry wart with flames. Perhaps just cut them shorter. I can imagine the cinnamon smell all throug the house. Christmas, perfect. Thank's.