Introduction: Mason Jar Paper Jam

This humorous item makes a fun gift to put beside your printer or copier at work or at home.

It will generate many questions and comments from puzzled friends and co-workers.


For one jam jar you will need:

One - Mason Jar of any size or any jar of any size that you may want to use.

Mason Jars come in many sizes including quart, pint, half pint and a cute little quarter pint.

One - Ring or band or lid to fit your jar.

Two - Feet of fancy ribbon of your liking for the final touch of "Bling".

A good amount of shredded paper or small wads of paper to nearly fill the jar.


Tools needed:


Super Glue

Small 1/4 inch diameter magnet

Step 1: How to Make "Paper Jam"

  1. Measure your band/ring/lid and cut your ribbon to go around the jar lid or ring plus 1/2 inch extra.
  2. Using your super glue, carefully glue this piece of ribbon all around your lid or mason jar ring.
  3. Put this assembly aside for a few minutes to allow the glue to set up.
  4. Measure and cut another piece of ribbon to about 8 or 9 inches and fold to make the ribbon loop.
  5. Glue the 8 or 9 inch long piece of ribbon at the point where the loop crosses itself.
  6. Place a small amount of glue at the point where the ribbon ends meet on your lid or ring.
  7. Place the ribbon loop cross on this point and use the 1/4 inch magnet to hold it while the glue sets up.
  8. Make sure your glue has set up on the ribbon lid assembly.
  9. Put your shredded or small wads of paper into the jar.
  10. Place the lid on top of the jar.
  11. Carefully screw on the ring and ribbon assembly.
  12. If you want you can make and place a label on your "Paper Jam" jar.
  13. Place the "Paper Jam Jar" in a location near your copier or printer.
  14. Enjoy the comments and questions that it receives.

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