Introduction: Mason Jar Planters

Saw this on an instructible and went one step further, as this is the xmas season. I decided to give these to the kids to paint up and give to their mom for Christmas. Would have posted earlier but didn't wan to ruin her surprise.

Items needed.

Mason jars (pint)

Paint (dollar store)




Toilet paper roll

Crafty kids

Step 1: Add Kids and Paint

Like the title says this is the easy part.

give the kids the paint and jars and let them go.

FYI some sort of drop cloth would be a great idea. Newspaper works

Step 2: Filling

wonder what the toilet paper roll was for? Here it is.

cut the roll length wise as pictured, out it inside the jar, and put the marbles between the glass and the TP roll. Just over half way up.

This way you will use less marbles, which can be pricey.

Now fill the TP roll with sand and slowly pull it out the sand will fill the nooks and crannies of the marbles.

Next step not pictured.

choose your plants and transplant them into the jars. The Momma is going to be using various herbs and spices.

Photos of the planted herbs a spices to follow.

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