Introduction: Matchbox Dresser

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Make a beautiful dresser out of handmade matchboxes. This beautiful treasure box can be used as an advent calendar, jewelry box, or a money box. No matter what you choose, opening the tiny drawers can't help but fill you with the holiday spirit!

Step 1: Cut Out 24 Matchboxes and Sleeves

Either die cut 24 matchboxes and sleeves (I used a die), or cut your own, using a tutorial like this one. Be sure each matchbox has a sleeve so it can slide open and closed. Use any scrapbooking or cardmaking cardstock - about 80lb cardstock will be plenty sturdy enough. 

Step 2:

Assemble all matchboxes and sleeves - adhering the sleeves together with glue. (Don't glue the sleeves to the boxes - they need to slide - just glue the sleeves closed)

It's important to use glue, not a tape runner, ATG gun, etc. This is a sturdy project that you will want to make sure holds up to the movement of the boxes. 

Step 3: Put Assembled Boxes Into Sleeves

Slide each box into its sleeve and set aside. 

Step 4: Decorate the Front of Each Box

Using scrapbook paper, old book pages, or whatever you'd like, glue a strip of decorative paper to the front of each box. 

Step 5: Punch Hole in Each Drawer Front

Punch a hole in each drawer front. Since I was using button stud fasteners (used in leatherworking) I needed a 1/8" hole punch. Based on your hardware you might need a smaller or larger hole punch. 

Step 6: Insert Hardware and Glue 3 Boxes Together

Attach your drawer hardware and then, using your glue, carefully glue three boxes together into a stack - being very careful that the edges of each sleeve are perfectly aligned. 

Repeat until you have 8 stacks of boxes. 

Step 7: Assemble Four Stacks to Make the Base of Your Dresser

Line four stacks of boxes up to create the base of your dresser. Each side of the dresser will have three drawer fronts and three drawer sides, alternating. 

There will be a square hole in the middle when they are assembled correctly. 

Lining them up so that the outside edges are perfectly aligned, you can hold them together by placing tape on the top - this will be covered by the second layer. 

Step 8: Prepare Top and Bottom Pieces of Dresser

Cut a piece of lightweight chipboard into a square that is 2" larger than the base of your dresser. Cover both sides using coordinating decorative paper and glue. 

If the edges are white, use a coordinating acrylic paint dabber or a sponge and ink to soften the edges - I used a gold acrylic paint dabber. 

Step 9:

Using glue, cover the base of your dresser, and center it on your covered chipboard square. Be generous with the glue  - making sure the entire bottom of the dresser is covered before putting it on the bottom square. 

Step 10:

Build the second level on top of the first, gluing them together. You will alternate drawers and sides, being sure they are the opposite of the base layer. Pay most attention when gluing to the edges - you want the sides of your dresser to be flush.

Step 11: Finish the Dresser!

Add the top to your assembled dresser, and embellish as desired! 

Fill with treats and wait for people to worship you! :)

Step 12: Video

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