Introduction: Matching Silk Thread Tassel Earrings

In my previous Instructable I shared about how to make a Silk thread Necklace and after that I thought why not make a matching earrings for that . From that I got an idea to make silk thread earrings to match all colors of dresses.

Here, I have made some different models of tassel earrings and shared that models with you. In the second picture I have shown the matching silk thread earring with the necklace I made before.

Step 1: Needed Materials

  • Silk Threads
  • Stones/ Beads
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Ear Stud
  • Earring loops
  • Jump rings
  • Needle
  • Any rectangular shaped card to the size of a visiting card

Step 2: Start to Make Model 1

  • Take any color Silk thread and wrap it around the card as shown in the first picture.
  • Then slide the silk thread off the card and glue one side.
  • Now take your scissors and cut the ends of the tassel in the middle. Its not necessary to be even.
  • Next attach it to the ear stud and glue a stone on that as shown.


Using needle and thread wrap the corner you glued so that ear stud or earring loops or jump rings wont slide down.

Step 3: Model 2

  • In this model instead of ear stud use earring loops as I have shown.
  • Wrap and cut silk thread of different color as in previous step
  • Join earring loop and jump ring.
  • Then join that jump rings with the thread and apply glue.

Step 4: Model 3

  • Make earrings as per model 2 steps first.
  • After making the earring attach that with the beads using needle and thread.
  • I have also shown other model here, with beads of different colors
  • This both models look more beautiful.

I have also shown before matching necklace and earrings, that gives grand look while wearing. I have also made matching bangles. The whole Jewellery set will give you an elegant look while dressing with traditional wears.

You can make tassel earrings from all colors and match that with all types of dresses, that will give you gorgeous look. If you like these Silk Thread earrings, please share your comments with me

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